HBR servicies

Social Services

Education and training, ,Youth Development and Leadership, Sports development and Administration,Welfare Services, Health Services, Social Research.


SMME development, Market research ,Contractor training and support ,Skills audit ,Consumer and marketing services.

Education vocational

Adult education services,
Education awareness services,
Adult education services


Community liaison and development, Public event management, News agency services, Community Radio Station,

Market Reseach and public option polling service

Market research services, Public opinion polling services, Mass mobilization, Advocacy


Conducting research & profiling of communities and services, Organizational development services, Linkage between communities and funders, Drafting of constitutions and registration of CBOs, Writing proposals on behalf of Organizations, Keep a database of CBOs, Needs analysis, Marketing and Awareness services.

Management Training Service

Financial management training, Project management training

Enviromental impact studies assesment and management plans

General, Waste management, Pollution control

Project Management

Social Services, Economic Development, Health Services.


HBR Potfolios

Abasebezi Abasha Project

Youth Renaissance Project

Codesa forum Project

Siyafunda Project

Youth Renaissance Project


Coceka Project

Lewe Project Life Skills

Siyakhulisa Project

About Us



To create a community that is skilled, self-sustained with economic opportunities.!


Promoting a culture of democracy and human rights by creating and emphasizing awareness of civic responsibility, To aid communities in identifying and developing projects that address their specific needs, To be a source of information for communities and thus bridging the digital divide across the continent, To eradicate poverty with all its root causes, Increase stakeholder participation in all projects undertaken.


To make HBR a strategic partner with forces that embrace socioeconomic transformation.
To create a climate conducive to the growth and sustainability of projects.
To be a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.
To create a climate or condition were communities are not so dependent on social welfare.
To increase capacity building on Community projects To be an active intermediator and a linkage between funders and recipient in the community To bridge the digital divide in the rural, townships and informal settlements.
To inject the spirit of African renaissance in our people and communities.!

Our Amazing Team

HBR Foundation Team

Refentse Rangwetsi

Acting DG

Pontsho Moloi

Board member

Bontshitswe Preddy Mothopeng


Motlogeloa Jonas

Board member


Our Media Coverage



Welcome To Black Amina



Black Amina is a name given to Priksa Mthethwa after the ancient Hausa Queen Amina who in the African history is believed to have been a real ruler, legend, and a warrior who subjected to have conquered many battles. Priska Mthethwa is a woman who believes that the only way to restore the dignity of a woman from the hands of her oppressor is by a barrel of a gun. She is assigned to fight to bring back the sexually exploited African women who had been trapped in the modern-day slavery for years but she finds herself trapped between life and death in the hands of human and drug trafficking terror syndicate, but she sees herself coming out with victory A film with an emotional story of a woman called Priska Mthethwa a Hawks initiated agent and warrior, who is hired by the South African government to combat a top serious crime of human trafficking It also shows the intelligence and the power of femininity in a woman who is always NOT her struggles, but who always keep back up going on ,It also shows there also women who can tackle cases which no man cant The moral of the story is of south Africa women who comes together and celebrate femininity amongst themselves and fight crime against human trafficking, women and child abuse that restores the dignity of African women from gender based violence and sexually exploitation


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